Non-slip Coatings In King Snohomish County, Washington

At A Plus Kleaning, you will get all your non-slip coating needs to be fulfilled. We know safety cant be compromised, be it a home or a business space. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but you can significantly reduce the risk with our range of non-slip coatings services.

What Will You Get From Our Top-notch Non-slip Coatings Services

Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

Slippery floors are a hazard no one should ignore. Whether managing a glowing commercial space or maintaining your cozy home, our anti-slip floor coatings provide an effective solution. Our coatings not only enhance traction but also add durability to your floors.

Concrete surfaces can be tricky when it comes to slipperiness. Our slip-resistant concrete sealers are designed to address this issue head-on. It can be your garage, driveway, or commercial warehouse; our sealers provide a secure footing. You will appreciate the added safety without compromising the overall look of your concrete surfaces.

Decks are wonderful outdoor spaces but can become dangerous when wet or icy. Our traction-enhancing deck coatings offer a practical solution. We understand the importance of maintaining the charm of your deck while ensuring safety. Our coatings create a slip-resistant surface, making your deck enjoyable year-round for family gatherings or hosting customers at your restaurant.

Epoxy floors are known for their durability, but they can be quite slippery. Our non-slip epoxy floor finishes blend the best of both worlds. If you have an industrial facility or a home garage, our finishes provide that extra grip you need. Keep your employees or family safe with this cost-effective solution.

Navigating walkways in adverse weather conditions can be risky. Our safety surface treatments are designed to make walking safer. If you have a commercial sidewalk or a residential path, our treatments create a non-slip surface to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure everyone can move confidently.

Pool areas are prone to accidents due to water splashes. Our slip-resistant pool deck coatings make your poolside safer to visit and enjoy. These coatings not only prevent slips but also enhance the shine of your pool deck. Dive into fun and relaxation without worrying about slips and falls.

We often encounter accidents due to slips in staircases and ramp areas. You may have a multi-story building or a single-family home; our anti-skid coatings for staircases and ramps provide essential protection. Make ascending and descending a secure experience for everyone, regardless of the weather.


Bathtub and Shower Non-Slip Coatings

Your bathroom creates a good mood for the whole day, so it should not be a danger zone. Our bathtub and shower non-slip coatings ensure you can confidently step in and out of the tub or shower. Avoid slipping on wet surfaces if getting ready for work or enjoying a relaxing bath. At A Plus Kleaning, we understand the importance of safety from both residential and commercial perspectives. Our non-slip coatings services are designed to address your specific needs, ensuring that your spaces are secure and welcoming for everyone. Contact us today to discuss how our non-slip coatings can make your spaces safer without compromising the overall look.